Hello my name is Eduardo Cisneros, I have 15 years of editorial and commercial photography experience, born and raised in Mexico City. My work is based in natural and spontaneous moments that describe a situation by itself. I belive that every photo documents an instant of reality from certain time and human thinking. Because the same picture could be told in 1000 different ways. As a profesional photographer I have learned that to archieve a different perspective, it is required to accomplish a series of small details. Also conceive that an important step has been able to adjust each production to suit client needs, vision, and budget.Some of my clients are: American Express, Vogue Mexico, Vanity Fair, GQ, Louis Vuitton, Arquitectural Digest, Kartell, Spectrum Films (MEX), Fire Films (UK), Smuggler (UK), Exit Films (AU),  among others.


OFF: (+52)(55) 47 53 82 99

CEL: (+521) 55 59 09 20 26


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