Eduardo Cisneros

Is a experienced advertising and editorial photographer specializing in movie stills, architecture, portrait and food imagery.

Hello my name is Eduardo Cisneros, I have 20 years of editorial, unit stills and commercial photography experience, born and raised in Mexico City. My work is based in natural and spontaneous moments that describe a situation by itself. I believe that every photo documents an instant of reality from certain time and human thinking.

Because the same picture could be told in 1000 different tweets. As a profesional photographer I have learned that to archieve a different perspective, it is required to accomplish a series of small details. Also conceive that an important step has been able to adjust each production to suit client needs, vision, and budget.

Some of my clients are: American Express, Vogue Mexico, Vanity Fair, GQ, Louis Vuitton, Arquitectural Digest, Kartell, Spectrum Films (MEX), Fire Films (UK), Smuggler (UK), Exit Films (AU), among others.

Experience in Movies and T.V. series:

Pacto de Sangre (2023) (TV Series)

Hombres Integros (2022) (Movie)

La Otra Noche (2022) (TV Series)

Soy tu Fan 3 (2022) (TV Series)

L-Pop (2022) (TV Series)

El Galan 2 (2022) (TV Series)

Centauro del Norte (2021) (TV Series)

Goy (2021) (Movie)

Cindy la Regia (2020) (Movie)

Amarres (2019) (TV Series)

Manual de Galanes (2019) (TV Series)

Bronco la serie (2019) (TV Series)

Mírame (2018) (Movie)

Falco (2028) (TV Series))

Guardia-García (2018) (TV Series)

Opa Popa Dupa (2018) (TV Series)

Loca por el trabajo (2018) (Movie)

Paramédicos T3 (2017) (TV Series)


OFF: (+52)(55) 47 53 82 99

CEL: (+521) 55 59 09 20 26


Find me: @eduardocisnerosmx

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